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Advertising for free

March 11, 2008 1 comment

Nothing beats the return on investment from free advertising.  Public relations is like free advertising.  Most media is separated into two major categories: content and advertising.  Anyone with cash can buy an ad.  To get into the content you need a good story. What is newsworthy about your practice?  

Every newspaper, tv  and radio station needs content for it’s audience.  If you give them content they can use, you can tell your story for free, and generate new business without spending a dime.  First, identify what you do that people would be interested to learn.  Then create a press release to tell the media about it and get it out there.  Some of my Ridgway Consulting clients have been interviewed by radio, tv and newspapers.  You may have guessed it, but the topic they all wanted their readers and listeners to hear about was sedation dentistry.  Sedation may not be your specialty, but it’s a good example of a service that is somewhat unique in many communities, and is still newsworthy since many don’t know much about it.  The money my clients spent on advertising in the community was amplified by the free PR, which helped get the message out even more.